Gepp Solicitors website

Gepp Solicitors are one of Essex’s most established and successful law firms, advising both commercial and individual clients for over 250 years.

We worked with the Gepp senior management team on the design and build of their new website. Our objective was to present Gepp’s digital persona as more customer-focussed, reassuring and approachable.

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As part of the brand evolution, Gepp’s staff were photographed in a relaxed style, with a view to coming across as more personable, empathetic and approachable. Additional ‘story-telling’ shots of groups and office details helped communicate a sense of camaraderie within a relaxed, modern working environment.
The Gepp logo was enhanced in order to provide more flexibility for application on website, social media and other digital assets.
Typography is clean, modern and bold and concise, using Google fonts; Oswald Medium for headings, and Source Sans Pro for body copy.
The Gepp online colour palette was modified to provide a higher degree of contrast and freshness across digital applications.