Pemberton Greenish rebrand


Designing a fresh, stylish and quietly confident brand for Pemberton Greenish, without losing the heritage on which their reputation has been built.


Refreshing the Pemberton Greenish brand is the culmination of an exciting phase of development for the firm.


Their existing identity no longer fully described what they did nor where they were going. Their business is now in three complimentary areas and the new branding draws these themes together by refreshing or updating key elements from the previous brand.


In designing a fresh brand which is stylish and quietly confident, yet distinctive, we were able to preserve the authoritative and individualistic approach that is at the heart of the firm.

“With your winning combination of attentive listening, creative brilliance and diplomatic skills, GM Toucari have guided us through to a stunning conclusion which balances both our heritage and progression. At the same time, you have helped us to learn more about ourselves as we went along.”


Chief Executive Officer
Pemberton Greenish