Haileybury Prospectus


A famous name in public school education, Haileybury is a vibrant and busy school set in exquisite surroundings in Hertford.


After delivering a rebrand programme of work for the school, we were asked to produce a showpiece school prospectus designed to stand out amongst leading competitors.


The challenge was to convey the personality, environment and gravitas of the famous school to a modern and international audience while keeping its comprehensive approach to pastoral care at the forefront.







Hermes Creative Awards 2019 Platinum Winner
Augmented print prospectus 

Our response was to create an impactful print brochure with digital companion which captured the ethos of Haileybury. We placed pupil ‘hero’ profiles at the heart of the narrative and imagery which reflected the style, passion, energy and spirit of the school’s educational approach.


The printed prospectus was combined with an interactive digital portal of 360º video experiences that could be launched from on-page QR codes to showcase the living environments and green spaces in finer detail.


The prospectus was launched online and in print at the Independent Schools Show together with a custom exhibition stand design and Oculus VR headsets to showcase the digital content.


A combination of high-impact visuals and hard-working specific calls to action digitally combined to maximise uses, with data and analytics captured to build lasting profiles for future campaigns.